Justo J. Sanchez

A Harvard University graduate, Mr. Sanchez studied law and economics and worked in the banking industry. Studying art history having seriously plunged into the discipline. As an art activist, Mr. Sanchez was involved in issues of censorship and museum ethical practices. His work at the Cuban Museum led to a New York Times piece. It opened journalism (op-ed) doors in El Nuevo Herald and regular broadcasting appearances.

For almost a decade Mr. Sanchez taught art history and art theory (aesthetic theory) at Miami-Dade College and UF students at New World School of the Arts. Moving to New York, he was appointed Fine Arts Editor at El Diario/La Prensa,¬†the oldest Spanish-language newspaper in the country. Concurrently with his journalism work, he studied at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts.

His return to Miami was marked by a teaching post in the arts at Saint Thomas University, lecturing in important galleries, writing catalogues and consulting for visual arts collectors.

Mr. Sanchez taught art history at AWI in Assisi and throughout Umbria, Italy.


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