April Update

For most squash coaches, April (spring) is considerered to be a downtime however this is not the case for me. There are several things on my plate to keep me busy. Namely, recruting for the class of 2011, going to London for the Super Series (now in its 11th year), a professional tournament featurning the world’s best 8 players and upon my return organizing and conducting the summer squash camp from July 9 – 28th. Somewhere in all of this time, a time will be made available to take a family vacation before the fall comes around and the whole process starts again.

Harvard Men’s and Women’s team matters continue also, holding exit meetings for outgoing captains, conducting student evaluations, staff performance reviews, not to mention meetings for incoming captains, preparing them for leadership roles for next year. Aspects such as “what makes a good captain?” are discussed while interacting with them to find out how they plan to lead their peers.

These are just a few things that go in my so called “off-season”. My goal is to put everything into action, let it flow and hope it all comes together in the fall. More importantly, making it all happen while giving some time to family and friends will be an art that I seem to be getting better as each year comes around. I guess the best judge of that will be my wife, but we won’t go there will we?


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