Arwen and Anthony tie the knot


By popular demand!

August 2005 Ultrasound


Here’s an ultrasound image of Lenya (baby A) and Halen (baby B) a couple of months before they were born.

Ultrasound of twins

Go on, guess.


Ok, so big surprise, today’s post features MORE PHOTOS! I’ve got three galleries for you.

Halen and Lenya by a slide

Halen in a cupboard

Halen in Lenya's dress

In other news, I had a fun night out on the town with John, Joseph and Nick in the form of John’s stag night. I don’t think there are any photos recording the occasion, and that’s probably not a bad thing! I managed to get a nap on Sunday and today, so I’ve now recovered (fortunately I didn’t stay up to see Australia beat New Zealand in the cricket again.)

Breakfast with Robin


breakfast with Robin

Humble apologies


Ok, so here are some photos which are rapidly becoming less up-to-date.
shoulder ride

Our other little girl


As most of you know, when we lived in Boston Tycho spent most of his time with a little Brazilian cutie pie.  This photo just in from the cutie pie and her family at home soaking up the beach.  Guys, we miss you all so much – come visit.

Pedro, Clara and Lia, circa Nov 2006

Youch, we suck at this


Whoops, I thought Greg was keeping the blog up to date. It’s been a busy month and with Anne and Robin away in the South Island this week, a particularly busy last few days. Last Friday was my work Christmas party – a big swanky do at SkyCity (a casino/convention centre in the Auckland CBD). Courtesy of the children’s paternal grandparents, Greg and I actually both managed to go. Fancy, an evening out by ourselves! That day was also Greg’s birthday so on Saturday we had a bunch of family round for a BBQ lunch. And the weather even held out for us with some fitful sunshine.
Just a few days now until Christmas which will be our first in NZ since Tycho was five months old. It still won’t be quite a family affair though, with Arwen and Anthony still overseas – we miss you A&A.

Same day shipping


Today I took some photos and uploaded them and here they are!!!

These were taken at the playground behind Northcote Public Library, where we attended the Tuesday children’s storytime there today, for the fifth week in a row. Tycho is beginning to get the hang of the action songs now. When a story is read, he interrupts a bit with comments and questions. He’s not very inclined to just sit down and listen, and I think that’s a fine thing, although possibly a bit annoying to some of the other kids there. However, everyone can see that I have three children to deal with so they don’t mind when they go very slightly out of control.

(To bring you these photos today I had to ignore a backlog, which I will get to soon I hope.)

Earth. England. London. Islington.


Oh, that party. Yes, for those of you holding your breath, we have a few photos of the long-awaited party uploaded. So here they are…

From Mike Forbes:

From Christine (Nana):

Hopefully I’ll get some more up shortly.

Lenya and Halen make one year


Greg and I have now racked up more than ten person years of parenting, or if you prefer, five parent unit years of parenting. Twins are good for upping one in the experience stakes. Lenya and Halen turned one year old on the 1st of November. It was a quiet day, being a Wednesday. Also both the major participants were a bit under the weather with teething/a brief cold. On Sunday we are going all out with a birthday party for 30+ family and friends so fingers crossed for good weather. This time more aunts and uncles are able to attend – we will still be missing Arwen and Anthony though, they are currently somewhere in China talking to terracotta warriors.

We seem to have been a bit remiss in getting up photos recently. This is largely because of too many cameras and too many laptops. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. However I’ve got a little bit of time now so …

2006_09_03_03_mission_bay.JPG This is Halen at Mission Bay some weeks ago. I think he is sitting on his aunt Kat.

2006_09_24_06_lenya.JPG Here is our Hawaian Lenya in the land of nod.

2006_10_21_01_museum.JPG One rainy weekend morning we took the three kids to the Auckland Museum. Wow, this has changed a lot since I was a kid. Mum and I would not have been able to find our way around without a map. This photo shows Halen and Lenya enjoying the excellent children’s section.

These two photos are part of a series we started back at Christmas 2003 when we visited NZ with Tycho the infant.  I suggested we should send it into Monteith’s as a suggestion for an advertising campaign but for some reason the others didn’t think it would fly.

2006_10_28_02_halenmurdoch.JPG  2006_10_28_03_lenyamurdoch.JPG

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