Candidate Statement – Jennifer Dein for Vice President

I am also supporting Jennifer Dein for Vice President.  She has been one of the most involved Student Government Representatives over the last year, and I think she would make an excellent VP.  Below is her candidate statement.



Jennifer Dein ‘11

My name is Jennifer Dein and I want to be Vice President of Student Government because I’m excited about all that HLS has to offer and the role that we, as students, can play in its development. As Vice President, I would work to make sure that every one us loves this school, is excited to be here, and – amidst all of the briefing and subciting and reading – enjoys each and every minute.

While I, of course, have ideas to improve the Student Government agenda, I believe that your ideas – and my responses to them – are far more significant. I want to be Vice President because I want to represent you. And I have a track record of doing so. As a Section 7 representative, I have responded immediately to requests and ideas from my classmates. I can promise that I will respond to every email, every phone call, and every casual suggestion. I am approachable. I am friendly. And I really care about your ideas and improving your experience.

During my first year as a member of Student Government, I have taken advantage of almost every opportunity to make significant contributions.

· I was a co-chair of the Student Faculty Lunch Program, which matches students to have lunch with professors. The program was a great success.

· I helped to organize the candy table on the day the 1Ls received their grades.

· I helped to acquire a new microwave for the tunnels.

· I have helped at multiple Hark Pub nights and am currently helping to plan a 1L Mixer themed Hark Pub.

Next year, I will also be working on the Journal of Legislation and participating in the Friendship Circle, a mentoring program for teenagers with disabilities.

So what can I bring to Student Government? A fresh new energy, genuine excitement, and pride in our student body. And what can I bring to you personally? Whatever it is that you care about. Tell me what you want from HLS, and I will do everything in my power to see that it gets accomplished.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me (, find me on Facebook, or give me a call (610) 306-7309.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Jennifer Dein

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