yes, a foreigner-in-china blog, but different.


Hi everyone. My name is Andrew and I’m an American college student on an internship here in Beijing. I know there are already plenty of “laowai in China” blogs out there, and I’m hoping to make this one a bit different.

How? Well, if all goes according to plan, this blog will be much more about Beijing than about me. Some anecdotes might slip in here and there–I’ll try to make them bearably entertaining–but ideally, the blog will serve as a forum for the everyday citizens of Beijing, the 老百姓, to speak for themselves. Not that they need any help from me, of course. But sometimes the outside world needs a little help to hear what they have to say.

The translations, unless otherwise noted, will be my own. And, as those already in China know full well but those on the outside may not, the residents of Beijing are not even remotely representative of China as a whole. But they’re awfully important, incredibly interesting, and–I hope–willing to share their stories with us.

Welcome, and feel free to drop a line.

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