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The Power of the Network: IBM Advertises, Apple Delivers?

Filed under: General October 23, 2003 @ 7:19 pm

A couple of years ago, IBM had fantastic TV ads about online business and the power of the network: a large Japanese company looking for a supplier finds a one-person small business in the US, all the while thinking they’re dealing with a huge corporation because their interface is the Internet. It was cute, it was warm and fuzzy, and it was “the power of IBM eBusiness.” Those were the days of overhyped business to business marketplaces. The hype was enticing. The reality was that not many small businesses actually had the opportunity to enter these larger marketplaces.

Fast forward to today. The Apple Music Store is all the rage, and rumor has it that Apple will allow independent artists to upload their songs directly to the Apple Store. If it’s true, it’s fantastic news. If it’s not, I strongly urge Apple and other music stores to get working on this feature.

The ideal Internet lowers distribution costs to a minimum. The ideal Internet allows your local garage band to tap the same market as J. Lo and Jay-Z. The ideal Internet allows the consumer to judge based on quality, not just marketing muscle and exposure.

The ideal Internet is what we were promised. IBM advertised it. Pundits raved about its theory. Apple may be delivering it. Many artists, One interface. It’s about time.

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