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Ben Adida != Adidas Footwear

Filed under: General August 20, 2004 @ 6:24 pm

A friend of mine mentioned that he saw an ad when he googled for my name. Further investigation into Google AdWords shows that Adidas, the footwear company, has actually purchased “ben adida” as a search term with Google. Which means that if I want to advertise under my own name, I’d have to pay 8 cents a click to be above the sneaker, not the usual 5 cents per click.

Now, the funny thing is that people regularly ask if I’m related to Adidas, the shoe company. I’m not. But now Google is selling my name to them? Some people might claim I deserve a cut!

I guess the real question is: who are these people out there who search for my name but then get distracted and decide to buy a pair of sneakers?


  1. Aaron Swartz:

    As you probably know, they bought adida not ben adida.

  2. Ben Adida:

    Actually, it seems a bit more intricate than that. If you search for “Adida,” you get a *lot* more listings. It might be that large companies have a more intricate, pattern-matching adword interface. 🙂

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