October 23: Aaron Swartz on the “Open Library”


Berkman Center Luncheon Series

Tuesday, October 23, 12:30 PM
Berkman Center Conference Room
23 Everett St., 2nd Floor, Cambridge MA

Guest: Aaron Swartz
Topic: Open Library

Thanks to new technology, the grand vision of a library containing every book in the world is now within our grasp. The Open Library Project, a loose collection of technologists, publishers, librarians, and book-lovers, has taken up this challenge by trying to create a website collecting everything we know about books — including library records, publishers’ blurbs, full-text and scans, reviews, and more. Learn about the vision, the technology, the progress, and how you can join us.

About Aaron

Aaron Swartz is the Tech Lead for Open Library. He was previously a co-founder of Reddit.com, which was purchased by Condé Nast in late 2006. He was worked on Internet specifications for RSS and RDF and was one of the early team members of the Creative Commons project. He is the author of a number of free software packages and a co-founder of Jottit.com.

+ Open Library demo

+ Open Library vision

+ Aaron Swartz’s website


This event will be webcast live. Webcast viewers can join the discussion through IRC text chat or in the virtual world Second Life. If you miss the live chat, catch the podcast audio & video at MediaBerkman.

RSVP is required, as space is limited. To RSVP, please send an email to  rsvp at cyber.law.harvard.edu by October 22 at 12:00PM.


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