Special Berkman Web Event: Jesse Dylan, Director of will.i.am’s “Yes We Can” – Thursday 3/6 at 10:30am



Special Berkman Webcast Event with Jesse Dylan and Rob Holzer, Thursday 3/6 at 10:30AM

Jesse Dylan, the director behind will.i.am‘s Yes We Can video, and Rob Holzer, CEO of Syrup NYC, will discuss the next stage of their attempt to build a movement geared around the Hope|Act|Change web site (hopeactchange.com) in a special Berkman webcast event this Thursday (3/6) at 10:30AM ET. This is meant to be a discussion on how they can further develop their website, and through the Net, engage Americans in the process of political change. (The Hope|Act|Change site is not affiliated with the Obama Campaign and does not promote the candidate.)

This event will be webcast live at 10:30 AM ET on this page. Webcast viewers can join the discussion through IRC text chat or in the virtual world Second Life on Berkman Island.


+ will.i.am’s Video

+ Jesse’s Page on Wikipedia

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