Herkko Hietanen: The social future of television


Ethan Zuckerman liveblogged Herkko Hietanen’s Luncheon talk at the Berkman Center yesterday:

It could be so much better, he tells us. And it would be very hard to pitch a VC on a model of ad supported, broadcast over the air television today.

via …My heart’s in Accra » Herkko Hietanen: The social future of television.

… as did David Weinberger:

The problem with mythtv, Herkko says, is that it’s not user-friendly. [I spent 1.5 yrs trying to get MythTV to work, and failed 🙁 Wendy Seltzer, seated across the table, has been using MythTV for years.] Tivo is easy but not all that easily hackable. You can’t share TiVo’ed shows, you can modify the code in the box. ReplayTV got sued for having a skip commercials feature, and went bankrupt.

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