Negative effects of social media on communication skills

In the modern world which is mainly guided by technological advancement, the use of social media in communication cannot be ignored. There are many social media platforms that are used in communication. The ones most widely used include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among many others. They have really changed the way people communicate in the world over. The advancement in technology has also made these platforms accessible to a variety of devices from computers to different phone models.

social media problems
As much social media has made it easier for people to communicate from different areas, it has also brought about negative impact on the way people communicate as well as their communication skills. Some of the negative effects of social media on communication skills include:

Deterioration of social communication skills

Social media limits the face-to-face communication between individuals. This has made people to lack the etiquette that is required in normal day personal communication. This may lead to poor relation between individuals at home, school or work place. It is important to know that proper communication happens when people have a good relationship and respect between themselves.
Social media communication is also very impersonal. People are thus unable to understand the various non-verbal cues that are used in face to face communication. It is important to know that the gestures make a big portion of the way people communicate and the inability to understand them makes it difficult to communicate with formal audiences.

Spelling and pronunciation problems

Most of the communication on social media is very informal. Spelling and grammar is not important most of the time. People write in short forms as log as the message is received. This make it difficult for those who use it for communication to write properly where official language is required such as when applying for a job.
At the same time, people only type on their keyboard or use pictures. This may make it difficult for one to give a formal speech in front of an audience since one may develop a challenge of inability to pronounce certain words or articulate themselves properly.

May negatively affect self esteem

Confidence plays a very big role in as far as communicating with people is concerned. Some experiences on social media such as cyber bullying may make people fearful, shy and unable to effectively communicate with people in real situations.
Those who use social media to get approval such as adolescents who post their pictures may find themselves less worthy especially when they get less likes on these photos. They are likely to have a poor image of themselves hence leading to inability to communicate properly.

Creates anti-social behavior among people

People spend a lot of time on social media. This has reduced the amount of time people spend with with each other. They also end up mainly creating virtual relationships. This hampers the ability of these people to properly communicate with each other in real life. The normal relationships are thus likely to be ruined as a result of the communication barriers created by this anti-social behavior in people as a result of excessive use of social media.