Curbside Chicken

May 10th, 2006


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As you can tell, this is a weblog (blog) about nothing.  From now on, all posts will be about, you guessed it, nothing.  It’s going to be boring and dry.  In fact, it already is.  I don’t want to see any interesting comments, unless they are about nothing. NOTHING!  No news, no politics, no sports, no commentary on the latest restaurant, no rants on how many gas guzzling SUV are in Brookline,  no links to  the latest fight to internet neutrality, no statistics on the Red Sox (I’m sure their either winning or losing), and absolutely, positively, no funny jokes.

Let me summarize utilizing bullet points:

  • this blog is about nothing
  • it will be boring
  • i gave examples of what is not going to be posted on this blog above
  • enjoy the blog!

Check back often for the latest and greatest musings, rants, commentary, and news about nothing.