New Data Reports on Learning “Research Integrity”

When it comes to research with human subjects, about 60 percent of faculty members and 50 percent of graduate students learned about ethics through online or print resources according to a recent survey. These data could be seen as good or bad news—depending on how you feel about getting your ethics through online training modules, such as CITI. These stats—and many more measures of ethics—are included in a remarkable new data set collected and made publicly available by the Council on Graduate Schools.

The data set is a great resource. Anyone with a browser can build custom tables that include different variables and topics related to “research integrity.” Users can slice data by fields of training (life sciences, social sciences, etc.) and by rank of researcher (faculty members, postdocs and graduate students).

Here is the punch line on human-subjects training—and a few questions about the data (the CGS has covered questions about methodology covered):

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