The Globalization of Health Care: Legal and Ethical Issues – Now Available from OUP

The edited volume stemming from the Petrie-Flom Center’s 2011 Annual ConferenceThe Globalization of Health Care: Legal and Ethical Issues, I. Glenn Cohen, ed. (Oxford University Press, 2013) – is now available for purchase through the publisher, Amazon, or other outlets.  You can also download the introduction and front matter for free here.

The Globalization of Health Care: Legal and Ethical Issues is the first book to offer a comprehensive legal and ethical analysis of the most interesting and broadest reaching development in health care of the last twenty years: its globalization. It ties together the manifestation of this globalization in four related subject areas – medical tourism, medical migration (the physician “brain drain”), telemedicine, and pharmaceutical research and development, and integrates them in a philosophical discussion of issues of justice and equity relating to the globalization of health care. The time for such an examination is right. Medical tourism and telemedicine are growing multi-billion-dollar industries affecting large numbers of patients. The U.S. heavily depends on foreign-trained doctors to staff its health care system, and nearly forty percent of clinical trials are now run in the developing world, with indications of as much of a 10-fold increase in the past 20 years. NGOs across the world are agitating for increased access to necessary pharmaceuticals in the developing world, claiming that better access to medicine would save millions from early death at a relatively low cost. Coming on the heels of the most expansive reform to U.S. health care in fifty years, this book plots the ways in which this globalization will develop as the reform is implemented. The book features leading academics from across the world and different academic disciplines (law, philosophy, medicine, public health, government, business and geography) and outside academia to provide an international and interdisciplinary perspective.

TOC below the fold:

Table of Contents

Glenn Cohen, Patient Mortality In Medical Tourism: Examining News Media Reports Of Deaths Following Travel For Cosmetic Surgery And Bariatric Surgery

Part I: Medical Tourism

For Services Legal in the Patient’s Home Country

Chapter One
Leigh Turner, Patient Mortality In Medical Tourism: Examining News Media Reports Of Deaths Following Travel For Cosmetic Surgery And Bariatric Surgery

Chapter Two
Thomas R. McLean, Jurisdiction 101 For Medical Tourism Purchases Made In Europe

Chapter Three
Valorie A. Crooks, Jeremy Snyder, Leigh Turner,  Krystyna Adams, Rory Johnston, Victoria Casey, Canadian Print News Media Coverage Of Medical Tourism: Examining Key Themes And Ethical Gaps

Chapter Four
Nathan Cortez, Cross-Border Health Care And The Hydraulics Of Health Reform

Chapter Five
Hilko J. Meyer, Current Legislation On Cross-Border Healthcare In The European Union

Chapter Six
I. Glenn Cohen, Medical Tourism and Global Justice
For Services Illegal or Unapproved in the Patient’s Home Country

Chapter Seven
Richard F. Storrow, The Proportionality Problem In Cross-Border Reproductive Care

Chapter Eight
Kimberly M. Mutcherson, Open Fertility Borders: Defending Access To Cross Border Fertility Care In The United States

Chapter Nine
Hazel Biggs and Caroline Jones, Tourism: A Matter Of Life And Death In The United Kingdom

Chapter Ten
Aaron D. Levine and Leslie E. Wolf, The Roles And Responsibilities Of Physicians In Patients’ Decisions About Unproven Stem Cell Therapies

Chapter Eleven
Vivien Runnels, Corinne Packer, Ronald Labonté, Global Policies And Local Practice In The Ethical Recruitment Of Internationally Trained Health Human Resources
Part II: Medical Worker Migration 

Chapter Twelve
Nir Eyal and Till Bärnighausen, Conditioning Medical Scholarships On Long, Future Service: A Defense

Chapter Thirteen
Allyn L. Taylor and Ibadat S. Dhillon, A Global Legal Architecture To Address The Challenges of International Health Worker Migration: A Case Study Of The Role Of Non-Binding Instruments In Global Health Governance
Part III: The Globalization of Research and Development

Chapter Fourteen
Trudo Lemmons and Candice Telfer, Clinical Trials Registration And Results Reporting And The Right To Health
Chapter Fifteen
Robert Gatter, The New Global Framework for Pandemic Influenza Virus and Vaccine Sharing

Chapter Sixteen
Bethany Spielman, Offshoring Experiments, Outsourcing Public Health: Corporate Accountability And State Responsibility For Violating The International Prohibition On Nonconsensual Human Experimentation

Chapter Seventeen
Cynthia M. Ho, Beyond Patents: Global Challenges to Affordable Medicine

Chapter Eighteen
Kevin Outterson, Thomas Pogge, Aidan Hollis, Combating Antibiotic Resistance Through The Health Impact Fund
Part IV: Telemedicine

Chapter Nineteen
Gil Siegal, Electronic Medical Tourism And The Medical World Wide Web

Chapter Twenty
Deth Sao, Amar Gupta, David A. Gantz, Legal And Regulatory Barriers To Telemedicine In The United States: Public And Private Approaches Toward Health Care Reform
Part V: Health Care Globalization, Equity, and Justice

Chapter Twenty-One
Jennifer Prah Ruger, Global Health Governance as Shared Health Governance

Chapter Twenty-Two
Daniel S. Goldberg, Global Health Care Is Not Global Health: Populations, Inequities, And Law As A Social Determinant Of Health

Chapter Twenty-Three
Pavlos Eleftheriadis, Global Rights and the Sanctity of Life

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