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What happens when there’s a breach?

On the internet, you are your data.

Securing customer data–their virtual lives–is essential in today’s reputation-based economy.

That’s why, as part of the Berkman Klein Assembly this year, we’re building an industry consortium to address responsible data collection, use and storage practices.

the time is now

With great power comes great responsibility. Industry self-regulation is preferable to kneejerk federal legislation.

building trust

Data-sharing with third parties is a critical component of doing business today. But where does the data go? who uses it? what for? how do they secure customer data?

Trust begins with transparency.

data transparency

Show your work. Let consumers and regulators know that you are doing your due diligence When it comes to protecting customer data, doing the right thing makes good business sense.

to be continued…

The proposed consortium, and proof-of-concept data transparency tools, remain a work in progress. The Assembly will launch the initiative officially in April, 2017.