A new home for blogs

Over the past several months we have implemented changes and updates to the blogs.law.harvard.edu service to upgrade the site. The last of these updates will be to move blogs.law.harvard.edu to blogs.harvard.edu, which will establish blogs.harvard.edu as the official University-wide blogging platform.

Following these interface and system changes and the shift to blogs.harvard.edu as an official platform, HUIT will assume management of the updated service. The effort to recast and further develop the new University blogging platform has been made possible, in large part, by the support and cooperation of HUIT.

In practical terms, this change means that URLs for the blogging site will no longer have “.law” in them. This switch will happen in the first weeks of September (stay tuned for a more exact date). After this date, you’ll notice that your blog posts will have the blogs.harvard.edu URLs instead of the blogs.law.harvard.edu URLs that they used to have. Your existing posts will be moved to blogs.harvard.edu as well. Any blogs.law.harvard.edu URLs will forward automatically to the new site at blogs.harvard.edu, so that previously distributed links should continue to work as normal. You should not notice any change in service, this change should not affect the search rank of your content and you will not need to take any action.

We look forward to this new chapter of blogging at Harvard and hope you have found these changes to be positive improvements.