07/07/05 Meeting Notes

These notes are a best effort.

Blog your corrections and commentary.


  • BK: Beth Kanter, blogs about nonprofits, Cambodia, has worked in nonprofits for over 25 years
  • K: Kiran – works in a nonprofit that has a cybercafe, blog (featured in Beth’s presentation)
  • MM: Marilyn Morgan (formerly Costanzo) – is archivist
  • IM: Ingo Muschenets
  • j: j Baumgart
  • LG: Louis Godena
  • JK: Janet Kolodzy, journalism prof at Emerson
  • NF: Nava Frank (DF: she *gets* nonprofit tech)
  • RM: Rebecca MacKinnon, Berkman fellow, Global Voices
  • As: Aaron Swartz
  • BR: Brian Reich, consultant, blogger on internet & politics. Has spiffy sheep on his tie.
  • EG: Erica George
  • BD: Brian Del Vecchio, will be recording meeting, http://hybernaut.com/
  • AH: Ann House
  • DF: Deborah Elizabeth Finn, nonprofit cyber-yenta extraordinaire
  • DW: David Weinberger, Berkman fellow
  • PS: Pito Salas, building BlogBridge reader
  • MW: Mal Watlington
  • LW: Lisa Williams
  • someone new @ door
  • RC: Rich Cowan, Organizers’ Collaborative & fantastic nonprofit tech guy
  • LB: Lynne Baer
  • MW: Marnie Webb, via IRC and Skype
  • SR: Shimon Rura

Proposed Agenda: