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2004/03/18 Proposed Agenda


I can’t find Dave’s agenda online, so here it is:

  • BloggerCon II
    • Aggregators + Infrastructure
    • Poster session
    • Party
    • Adam Curry’s session
    • Dave needs volunteers
      • In particular, he would like some moderators to monitor IRC and the Webcast and knock down any commercials

Proposed agenda:

  • BloggerCon II
    • Party before the conference
    • Session proposals
      • Doesn’t Bob have something to say about a journalism sesssion?
        • Bob isn’t going to be here
  • Eat
    • Cambridge Common if they’ll take us
    • Penang last week
    • Several people have said they’d suggest places if they knew more about restaurants in the area. Eating has information about area restuarants.

Post Notes:

Reminder: On March 25, the meeting will be in Pound Hall, not the Berkman Center. Bring a laptop if you can.

Like past and future agendas, if you have an item you’d like on the proposed agenda, comment, or contact j. (No, there’s no mutiny here. Jay’s traveling and isn’t able to take care of this stuff right now.)

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