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2004/09/02 Proposed Agenda


Proposed agenda:

  • Freaking out that it’s September
  • Update on Lisa’s interest in getting political candidates blogging
    • (Note: the link goes to a Yahoo! Group message that may require a login.)
  • Calendars on blogs
  • Michael’s statement of purpose for the group
    • (The above link goes to a Yahoo! Group e-mail, which may be restricted to group members.)
  • Trackback: why does it work so well between Harvard’s server and some others, but doesn’t work at all in other situations?
  • Eat

    • Cambridge Common
    • ChangSho last week


The construction zone seems to be gone. It is now possible to walk through Harvard Law School Yard to get to the Berkman Center.

Like past and future agendas, if you have an item you’d like on the agenda, comment, get blogging privileges from Jay , or contact him or the other j.

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