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2004/11/18 Proposed Agenda


Proposed agenda:

  • No meeting on Nov. 25 because of Thanksgiving
  • Blogadin gathering on Saturday, December 4 in Hull (Yes, that’s really supposed to be Hull, it isn’t a typo.)
  • j says the panel on blogs and KM with Garrett, Kris, and Christina went very well. “We all really appreciate being able to make our presentations for the group and get feedback.”
  • A few attacks have happened in the area, including one on Everett Street, just around the corner. Please be safe.
  • Marc Canter on microcontent, calendaring, and stuff
  • What else?
  • Eat

    • Shimon requested we eat somewhere we haven’t eaten before. If he’s at the meeting, what about eating at: Iruna, Redline, the Greenhouse, Tanjore, Yenching, Bartley’s Burgers, or John Harvard’s Brew House? Okay, well, we’ve eaten at Iruna and John Harvard’s before, but like maybe a year or longer ago, perhaps before Shimon joined us.
    • Last week we didn’t meet
    • We were at Seoul Food the week before


Like past and future agendas, if you have an item you’d like on the agenda, comment, get blogging privileges from Jay , or contact him or the other j.

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