2005/01/06 Proposed Agenda


Happy New Year!

Addendum 1:25 pm, update 3:32 pm: The formal meeting is canceled because of the weather. At 7 pm, some of us who are out in the storm anyway will meet for dinner at Pizzeria Uno, 22 JFK Street. If you want to make sure we save you a seat, comment below or bug j.

Proposed agenda:

Most of these items were on the agenda for Thursday, 12/9. They keep getting bumped because the people who really want to talk about them haven’t been to a meeting since they’ve been on the agenda. This agenda will be a little long because of suggestions from other people. We’ll determine what to talk about at the meeting depending on who’s there and where interest lies.

Of course, if the weather’s very icy, we might have to cancel the meeting, which means you’ll see this agenda again in a week. Wendy will post something in this space and to the discussion list if she’s going to cancel the meeting.

  • Citizen journalism based on the discussion on the list
    • Do bloggers need to pay their own way to events?
    • What about getting press credentials?
    • Should bloggers contact PR folks?
    • And more …
  • Blogger-written policies related to blogging
  • Future meeting topic: podcasting
    • Guest speaker(s)?
    • Demo?
    • The Berkman Center is getting into podcasting.
  • VloggerCon: video bloggers conference in New York on Saturday, January 22
  • Lisa’s ideas for a fun group outing to an art museum

  • Reminder: Our group has a calendar. Please feel free to add events of interest to everyone to it.

  • What else?
  • Eat

    • Pizzeria Uno
    • Seoul Food the last time we met way back in December


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  1. Madhu

    January 6, 2005 @ 11:53 am


    I hope the meeting isn’t cancelled because I can finally start coming to the meetings again! Woo hoo! If cancelled, look forward to seeing you guys next time.

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