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2005/02/17 Proposed Agenda


Proposed agenda:

  • j probably will not be at the meeting, but hopefully can meet the group for dinner. Can someone else please take notes and monitor the IRC channel? Anyone want to ring j for dinner?
  • Resurrecting the dead: where has Mike Walsh been and what can he tell us about his travels, on or off the record?
  • Off the record / On the record blogging
    • What’s the policy for meetings?
    • What’s the policy for dinner?
  • New Projects for the Berkman Group
    • Blogging 101
    • Envisioning the future of weblog software, take 2
    • Blog conference in the late spring/early summer?
    • other proselytizing?
  • Frassle alpha 9 demo?
    • Using Frassle’s content studio to build custom aggregators and RSS feeds
  • What else?
  • Eat

    • Nightline very graciously covered dinner at Smile Thai. Thank you!
    • Cambridge Common again last time


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