Blogging As Performance Art @ Berkman Blog Group, June 9


June 9 Blogging As Performance Art

Moderator: Lisa Williams
This week the Berkman Blog Group will storm the Institute for Contemporary Art and ruthlessly blog the current art exhibit, Getting Emotional. From the ICA’s description:

Getting Emotional:Thirty-two international artists explore the expression of feelings through painting, photography, sculpture, and video.

…While most of the significant artistic movements since the 1960s have avoided the explicit depiction of feelings, in /Getting Emotional/, emotions come out in the open. Featuring 32 international artists, this exhibition depicts emotion in a variety of ways, from intimate moments between individuals to the physical manifestations of human feeling. Getting Emotional presents contemporary work in four thematic areas: Bodily Sensation, Feelings Portrayed, Emotional Intimacy, and Emotion and Society…

Hear curator Nicholas Baume discuss /Getting Emotional/ on WBUR’s The Connection.

Note that this week we will be meeting at the Institute for Contemporary Art at 7PM. The ICA is free on Thursday evenings. Afterwards, we will partake of the free Newbury St. wi-fi and eat at one of the neighborhood restaurants. Break out your snazziest blog-pajamas for this one.

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