Why Do You Blog?/Blogging 101 Film Festival @ Berkman Blog Group, June 2


June 2: Why Do You Blog?/Blogging 101 Film Festival

Moderator: Michael Feldman (Weblog:Dowbrigade News)

Nerdy. Cutting edge. A popular phenomenon. Geeky. Personal. Blogging may be the strangest movement ever to capture the public’s imagination. Nonbloggers wonder why all these people are shoving digital messages in digital bottles on the net, even when those messages may be read only by a few people — or, unfortunately, by your boss or your mother. Yet we blog on. Why? In this session we’ll try to capture the compelling essential goodness that may make blogging the first lifelong digital activity. We’ll also share the newest videos produced by the group aimed at showing blogging platforms from the inside.


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