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2005/05/26 Proposed Agenda


Proposed Agenda:

  • Tagging is Fabulous! It’s Also Crap! – moderated by Shimon Rura
    • Shimon Rura will lead a discussion on “tagging” — using subject-oriented links to distribute and discover information across blogs and websites using services such as Technorati,, and Flickr. From Shimon’s high-speed summary:
      • Part 1: 5 minutes on what tagging is, and some of the major services
        incorporating tagging

      • Part 2: 10 minutes on why tagging is totally amazing and what new forms of
        community discourse and organization it will create, and how it will
        inevitably pervade all information systems and knowledge structures within 5

      • Part 3: 10 minutes on why tagging is a lame hack with no future, that will
        never succeed past the early adopters and in the end will prove to be a huge
        waste of everyone’s time

      • Part 4: 15-30 minutes group discussion
  • Brief report-backs from anyone who attended the Boston Wi-Fi Summit last week (Steve Garfield, Michael Feldman, anyone else?)
  • Well wishes for Gregory
  • Notes: Neither j nor Erica will be at the meeting. If someone takes notes, they can mail them to Erica who will be happy to post them.
  • What else?
  • Eat:
    • Cambridge Common last week

live audio during the meeting

IRC chat during the meeting

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