2005/07/07 Proposed Agenda


Proposed Agenda:

  • Special Guests: Boston Area Nonprofit Bloggers, with Beth Kanter, Brian Reich & Deborah Elizabeth Finn
    • 503land: it’s foreign territory to many of us. But a large number of people in the Boston area and throughout the world are spending their lives trying to change the world for the better. And they’re starting to blog about it. As a lightweight, inexpensive, and simple way to get the message out and engage a community around a movement, blogs may end up being more important to nonprofits than for-profits.
    • Beth’s notes pre-meeting, with links to nonprofit blog examples
    • Deborah’s notes pre-meeting
  • Dave Winer on July 14?
  • Well wishes for Gregory
  • ~15 min: j picks the blog group’s collective brain.
  • What else?
  • Eat:
    • Where? Smile Thai with Sooz and author and blogger Kevin Smokler? How about Wang’s?
    • Last week: Smile Thai

no audio = (

IRC chat during the meeting


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