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2006/06/22 Proposed Agenda


  • Introductions
  • Ubuntu by Brett?
  • Report on VloggerCon in San Francisco, June 10-11
  • Report on Grassroots Use of Technology in Boston, June 16-17
  • We may have someone who attended the Identity Mashup conference who will talk a little about distributed security stuff.
  • We should plug Zach’s new course and see if there are ways we can help.
  • Upcoming events of interest:
  • Various upcoming & potential stuff on our schedule:
    • Dan Bricklin, known for his work on VisiCalc and wikiCalc
    • Someone who can fill us in on what’s happening with China and the Internet (RMack? Eric Priest when he returns from Asia? – Eric will be back from China again later in the summer.)
    • Shava Nerad is working with Tracey from Placial (sp?) to have her present
    • If you want to help shepherd a potential future topic or if you have ideas of your own, please talk to Erica or j. We’d love – and could really use – your help!
  • Eat:
    • This week: SMILE THAI at 8:45 pm for the Wikimania meeting
    • Last week: junk food in a hotel room (no meeting last week!)

During the meeting, participate via:

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