2006/10/26 Proposed Agenda


Don’t forget: the Berkman Center is now at 23 Everett Street. The conference room we use for our meetings is on the second floor, room 202. We will make every effort to keep the door downstairs open. If you are locked out of the building, please call 617-495-7547 (Berkman main line) if you have a cell phone, or yell up to us (we’ll leave the windows open). We’re hoping to have this situation resolved with a callbox in the near future.

  • Introductions
  • Topics
    • Topic: How do we decide what we like and dislike, trust and don’t trust online – in service providers, in bloggers we read, in friends? What are your personal standards?
    • Topic: Second Life (preliminary discussions, what do we want to learn more about, what can folks here share)?
  • Upcoming events of interest:
  • Various upcoming & potential stuff on our schedule:
    • November 2: ?
    • November 9: Maybe we can overview the election in MA through blog lenses
    • November 16: Rebecca MacKinnon on what’s happening with China and the Internet (and anything else she wants to throw into the mix). This is our last blog group with Rebecca before she moved to Hong Kong to be a professor!
    • We’re percolating at least one something to do with Second Life
    • Dan Bricklin, known for his work on VisiCalc and wikiCalc
    • Ben Sheldon and something about maps
    • Adam and something about maps
    • Brett on Ubuntu
    • If you want to help shepherd a potential future topic or if you have ideas of your own, please talk to Erica or j. We’d love – and could really use – your help!
  • Eat:
    • This week:
    • Last week: nobody had time to go to dinner

During the meeting, participate via:

  • Still no webcast but sometime in the not too horrifically distant future Erica is getting trained on the system in the new conference room.
  • IRC chat

  • Join us at 23 Everett Street!

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