2007/04/12 Proposed Agenda


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  • Introductions
  • The new Thursday Meetings blog  http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/bloggroup/) and feeds  http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/bloggroup/f…http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/bloggroup/c…)
  • SpotStory with Aron
  • Jon on comment management responsibility(?)
  • Someone on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy(?)
  • We can’t use the conference room on April 19. Let’s figure out what to do instead: dinner, fun outing we blog, contradancing, take a night off, etc.
  • Anything else
  • Upcoming events of interest:

    Various upcoming & potential stuff on our schedule:

    • 4/26: On deck to schedule, currently open. Suggest something!
    • 4/19: We can’t use Berkman conf room. Move, cancel, just dinner, contradancing?
    • Sometime: Pushkar Phatak on a blog project he’s working on
    • Second Life – a guided tour + how-to session. Mike Walsh is coordinating for April.
    • Second Life – a debate on it. Good? Bad? Both?
    • Dan Bricklin, known for his work on VisiCalc and wikiCalc
    • Ben Sheldon and something about maps
    • Adam and something about maps
    • Tracy Rolling of Platial on maps (notice a pattern here)
    • Something on digital natives? Get Erin Mishkin in.
    • For parents: what *are* your kids doing on the social web? Get a few students to lead it.
    • Where are kids going, now that they’re moving away from MySpace?
    • What’s the latest in the Free Culture movement?
    • Skype: How does it work? Why use it? What are the best clients? j, can you lead something on this and/or suggest someone?
      • j here: I love hidden notes in the agenda. Sure, I can do Skype.
    • Another session on podcasting – Adam Weiss
    • Get Rhod Sharpe (BBC journalist) to repeat his “how to use a microphone” etc. that he did a couple years ago
    • A session on video – get Steve Garfield in. What’s changed since the last session we had ages ago?
    • David Temez – video producer at MIT AMPS, coleader of Boston Media Makers, does a lot of other neat stuff
    • Other local placeblogs (ask Lisa to host?) – Universal Hub, Boston Globe bloggers like Brainiac, Bostonist, Davis Square LJ mods, etc.
    • OpenID – why you should use it, why you should develop with it (ask Rod Begby to lead or help us find people)
    • Someone who can teach us about streaming radio – how to make your own streaming radio station
    • Do we know people who are wizards at design, and UI? Who can teach us about principles of design, show us what they did to learn as a beginner?
    • What are the latest tools for blogging etc.? Latest mashups and widgets? How has it changed in the past year or so?
    • you? (It doesn’t have to be about maps.)
    • If you want to help shepherd a potential future topic or if you have ideas of your own, please talk to Erica or j. We’d love – and could really use – your help!


    • This week:

    During the meeting, participate via:

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