09/04/08 Proposed Agenda: Harvard & Social Networks


Blog group member (and head of one of Harvard’s interdisciplinary research centers) Zach Tumin has been thinking about open access in the university, and wondering how to open up Harvard’s discussions even more – both to the public, and within the internal Harvard community:

What’s the problem? There exists huge untapped potential to see, use and advance research going on around the University. Today it lies behind the boundaries of Harvard’s stand-alone schools, and locked into statuses like “student” or “staff”.

That potential represents the University’s greatest assets: its brains and its reputation.

How would we specify/launch a social media capability for Harvard where any student, faculty or staff could post papers, do crowd research, share bookmarks – and collaborate across the boundaries of the schools and statuses?

Come help us brainstorm about what we’d want, ways to go about it, etc. If you could build something like this today (for Harvard or any other school), what tools would you use? What would you want it to be like?

Upcoming meetings & events:

  • September 11: We will not meet because of Ignite Boston 4. 6 to 10 pm at the Hooley House, one block from Faneuil Hall in Boston, MA. It is up to you to RSVP: IgniteBoston at oreilly dot com.
  • At some point, we should take advantage of Berkman’s RockBand set and have a music party in lieu of a normal meeting.
  • It’s getting to be time to have another dim sum gathering, too.
  • See the Berkman Calendar for other upcoming Berkman stuff.
  • Feel free to publicize related events here! Let Erica or j know, comment, or add them yourself if you have an editor account.

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