2009-02-26 No Meeting


There’s an offsite Berkman staff retreat today and I’m not sure when I’d be able to head back to the office, so let’s not meet this week.

If you’re itching for a weekly hit of blog/tweet/socmed goodness try the Tweetup Forrester is hosting at Redline in Harvard Square tonight: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/1496553

Upcoming meetings & events:

  • TBD: Renee Lloyd on women in technology & brainstorming about the “She’s Geeky” conference in Boston.
  • 4/25-26: BarCamp Boston
  • At some point, we should take advantage of Berkman’s RockBand set and have a music party in lieu of a normal meeting.
  • It’s getting to be time to have another dim sum gathering, too.
  • See the Berkman Calendar for other upcoming Berkman stuff.
  • Feel free to publicize related events here! Let Erica or j know, comment, or add them yourself if you have an editor account.


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