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New Omnidirectional Mic for the Webcast


According to some e-mails on the discussion list for the Thursday group, Shimon found some omnidirectional microphones that should work better for the Webcast and Dave has ordered one. Perhaps it will be here in time for next week’s meeting.

IRC Transcripts of the Meetings


A few people have requested that we archive and post IRC transcripts of past meetings. When I mentioned this on IRC last week, a few people didn’t think posting transcripts was a good idea. Someone pointed out that it may not be appropriate to post transcripts when people who participated in the chat did not know from the beginning that transcripts could be archived and made available publicly. Someone else mentioned to me that some of the discussion on IRC is directly relevant to the meeting, but people at the meeting often don’t know about the discussion on IRC because no one reads it to those people physically present at the meeting and IRC is frequently not on the big screen where people at the meeting can read what’s happening.

Anything said at the meeting within the range of the microphone is archived as part of the Webcast. A few IRC transcripts from past meetings are available.

What do you think? Should IRC transcripts of the meetings be archived and made available publicly?

It Worked!


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