Posting this link for two reasons:

1. Google juice for the link – it’s important that as many people see the post as possible.
2. Because I really think that what OnBoard Midwest is attempting to do is morally wrong.

OnBoard Midwest is attempting to blindfold American taxpayers by promoting high-speed rail as a sacred cow, while actually proposing a route that generates an enormous amount of ‘pork’ for a few small towns along the Mississippi, while excluding Minnesota’s #1 and #3 cities, Minneapolis and Rochester.

Alternate routes DO exist that are likely eligible for federal stimulus funding; I just hope that lawmakers are not seduced by OnBoard Midwest’s hype and vacant threats about the viability of these other plans.

Please read my thoughts about OnBoard Midwest’s efforts to misappropriate federal money, and please link to the post in any blog posts you write of your own!

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