Anniversaries of Open Access Policies

A dynamic list of more than 650 open access polices and their dates of adoption can be found in Wikidata: The list contains many facts first collected in the UK-based Registry of Open Access Repositories Mandates and Policies (ROARMAP).

Czech Academy of Sciences example

According to the list, the Czech Academy of Sciences adopted an open access policy on 14 October 2010. To verify the date I followed the ROARMAP link:

…which led to a broken link to the policy:

The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine has a copy of the policy as it appeared online in 2016:

In Wikidata, I added the Waybacked URL as a reference, along with the Czech-language policy title.

Then I turned to the Wikidata item for the Czech Academy of Sciences:

…and added the date of the policy as a “significant event” in the history of the academy.


In English-language Wikipedia, I added a “History” section to the Czech Academy of Sciences article and sentence about the OA policy.

As a reference, I used a Waybacked copy of an OpenAire country profile from 2016, found by following links in the Wikidata item for open access in the Czech Republic.


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