A Free Market Solution to the Immigration Dilemma

With all the talk among Kerry supporters about leaving the country, it occurred to me that there might be a market-based win-win solution here. After all, illegal immigrants cross our borders each day, often paying thousands of dollars to criminal gangs to smuggle them in under horrendous conditions.

Why not let people sell their American citizenship to the highest bidder? After all, we let corporations buy tax credits and pollution rights. Letting individuals sell what they own is just plain old-fashioned free enterprise.

Immigrants taking advantage of this approach would (a) avoid risking their lives to enter the country, (b) avoid the constant fear of being deported, and (c) not take any net jobs or other benefits from Americans, because the economy would lose one existing worker for every new one. And the people selling their citizenship could use the money to establish financial independence, which usually improves the chances of achieving citizenship in one’s new home country.

Naturally, known terrorists would be ineligible to participate in this scheme. But for the rest of the world — what’s wrong with trying it?

Since I’m a natural born citizen over the age of 35, if this goes through I’m going to wait for my call from Arnold Schwartzenegger. Arnold baby, you want something; I’ve got it; let’s talk.

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