⚐ Talk at Columbia: “Augmented Humanity, Drones, Self-Driving Cars, Furbys and Robotic Politics: Freedom and Security in the Robotics Age”


This lunch talk was an intro of robotics policy issues for SIPA: I bundled the different Robotics policy issues in “phases”, that also correspond to the chronological evolution of these concerns. An object that focused policy attention is chosen for each phase: “Furby phase”, the “Self-driving car phase”, the “Drone phase” and the “Transhumanist phase”.

Written notes to be posted soon!

Abstract As we surround ourselves with robots, autonomous or not, from the ground to the sky, we are facing policy questions we thought pertained to the realm of science-fiction. We build drones for both war and investigative journalism, plan to put self-driving cars on the road and design social robots to care for elders: what are the implications for our freedom and security? What are the social, ethical and policy questions we must address? For instance, how does the current debate about privacy, data collection and surveillance play out in an age in which we surrender more and more of our autonomy to machines?

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