Employer Branding is more important than ever

Company culture is one of the most important aspects of recruiting millennial job seekers (and everyone else for that matter).  The most forward thinking human resources departments are now spending time to design amazing corporate cultures, and then communicate why they have a best place to work to talent.  Sometimes this also comes top down from the CEO.

As a job seeker, it’s really important to do your research on companies before applying.  Glassdoor, employee testimonials, social media, and your personal networks are all great places to glean the information you  need to understand whether or not this is a company you want to work for.

When you do this research, you’re uncovering the company’s employer brand – what is it like the work at this company, and what is this company doing to tell the world what their employee value proposition is.  When you find a company that’s a good fit for you, you’re going to have a more in depth and thoughtful interview process, and stay at the company longer.

Of course, many companies have poor employer brands.  Sometimes this is because it’s just not great to work there.  Other times, it’s because their talent acquisition team hasn’t had time to figure out how to show the world what’s unique about their company.

So, advice for companies is to pay attention to your employer branding efforts, online reviews, and generally how job seekers are perceiving your company relative to your talent competition.

On the job seeker side, like we said before, read reviews, go to the career page, check them out on social, talk to your friends, and try to read between the lines.  Good luck!

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