Buying The Right Software Is Getting Harder as Starting a Software Company Gets Easier

15 years ago, it was a lot harder to start a software company.  In fact, 3 years ago it was a lot harder.  With the rise of AWS, APIs, easy to learn MVC frameworks (Rails, Django, etc) and all the rest – it’s fairly easy for anyone to get a software company off the ground these days.

Of course, building a software company is more than just creating a product.  You have to create a product that someone wants, sell it, support it, and evolve it.

But, the fact that creating software solutions is easier means there are so many more vendors out there.  It becomes very hard for companies to pick the right vendors when looking at software to run their business.  From CRM to HR software, the landscapes get more complex each year.

That’s why I’ve recently started SelectSoftware.  We’re a new site that aims to help people find and buy the right software for their business.  We’re kind of like NerdWallet or WireCutter, except for b2b software.

There are crowd review sites out there that rate various software tools.  However, these reviews tend to be positively biased as the initial reviewers are usually paid to provide their guidance.

Our goal at SelectSoftware is to help companies cut through the noise and save the first 15-20 hours of research when looking at new software to buy.  My hope is to keep everyone posted on our progress through this blog!

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