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Finding the best company for you


Figuring out what you want to do is hard.  And, many times figuring out the right company to work for is even harder.

So, you want to be a software engineer and love to code eh?  Do you want to work at a big tech company like FB, Google?  What about a startup?  What about a lab like MIT’s Lincoln Labs where you’re mostly doing government work?  There are a lot of options!  Maybe academia is right for you….

I’m not throwing out these sorts of scenarios to stress anyone out.  I’m bringing up a simple fact of life….because where you work is basically as important to what you work on.  Maybe even more so.

The absolute best way to figure out where to work is to get on LinkedIn, and find out who you know at a given company.  Many times these 1:1 coffee chats are a really good way to get the information you’ll need to determine if a company makes sense.

If you can’t get that sort of information first hand, you can learn about the skills you’ll get at a company, how to prep for interviews, what a job is like day to day, and general information about a career path online too.  One of the best sites to accomplish this is LifeGuides, which was started by a few Harvard Business School kids a few years ago.

Of course, you can always try to find a blog that will tell you about these things as well :).  Until  next time!

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