In the airport

Hi folks. I’m in the airport right now — I had hoped there would be room on an earlier flight to Philadelphia but there wasn’t, so I’m here for another few hours before my flight takes off (connecting in Philly to Barcelona). They have free internet on the desktop computers in the Admiral’s Club (which isn’t so free) so I’m taking advantage. The bad weather seems to have passed over Philadelphia so I should be fine to make my flight to Spain. Unless a coffee machine breaks, or something. In any case, I am sure it will work out and I’ll make it there when I need to.

I don’t have much to report — I have plenty of room in my luggage to bring back things purchased in Spain, so let me know if you want anything in particular (but no booze). Like I’ve said, I’ll be available by email quite frequently, and if you’d like to actually speak to me, call me on Skype or Google Talk (user names are carrie.andersen and ceanders08, respectively). Keep in mind the time zone difference; I don’t want any 3am phone calls.

Think that’s all for now — I’ll post again soon!