Peeler Goes to Orlando

I only took a dozen pictures during our trip to steamy Orlando. I haven’t embraced the digital camera routine of take lots of pictures now, pick out the good ones later. Let’s see if you can pick out my favorite subject.

The view from our room:

“hotel view”

While Peeler endured hours of team building exercises and mission statement crafting, I spent most of my free time by the pool.

Saturday! Free day! You’re in Orlando, it’s 95 degrees, sunny and humid. What do you do? Play 36 holes of mini golf.

We escaped heatstroke and headed to Universal Studios – Islands of Adventure.

Peeler and I held backpacks and stood under the misting fans while Dan, Joe, Mike and Aida rode the roller coasters.

Good thing we saved our strength for Jurassic Park, The Ride:

Whew, scary dinosaurs. After a narrow escape from the raptors, we visited the Dino-Exploratorium. Or was it Jurassic Park, The Fake Science Center?

Peeler melded his DNA with a dino to create the ugliest creature of the Cretaceous or any era.

Paleontologist Dan, with his latest find:


The on-the-loose dinosaurs left the bakery unscathed, thank goodness:


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