I Had a Life Last Month

Hello internet. I’m a bit behind on updating my weblog. I’m a bit behind on everything that doesn’t involve building virtual zoos. Peeler installed “Zoo Tycoon” on my computer and I’ve been running home every day after school to save endangered animals and revitalize inner city zoos. Virtually.

I don’t have any pictures of me lying on the couch, drinking beer, and staring into my laptop.

I do have pictures from Jes and Kristin’s birthday party, last month. Fran and I made candy sushi to take to the party. Do not attempt to make candy sushi on your own. You only need marshmallows, rice krispies, butter, fruit roll-ups and gummy worms, but you need at least four hands to mold the sugary ingredients into bite-size pleasure-inducing treats (see below).

Fran is a good partner. Look at how happy she is:

Here’s a pretty roll – note the double fruit roll-up wrap:

The first few sushis looked like ass. We hid them on the bottom of the tupperware:

The party was pretty fun before the sushi made it’s debut. Jamie auditioned a new instrument for the jug band:

Fran and Chris had a funny conversation, I think.

what are they talking about?:

Lesley made a ton of beautiful and tasty cupcakes. But let’s face it, everyone got a lot happier after the sushi. Look at the photographic evidence.



And Jes’s expression can only be identified as rapture:

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