Nova Scotia Pictures, Vol. 1

August in Nova Scotia: The late wildflowers in bloom, the cabin in its new clapboard siding, and the view unobstructed by swarms of bugs. Hey, who’s that on the porch?

Oh, it’s peeler. Enjoying the view of his feet.

Peeler’s parents buddied up to the local jetsetter and scored an invitation on his sea plane for an eagle-eyed tour of the province. They buzzed the cabin. Twice.

the plane!:

After days and days of sitting on the porch and staring at the view (sigh), we decided to go on an adventure. We drove 60 kilometers to the other side of the Canso penninsula to check out the Atlantic Ocean.

The sea was angry that day my friends. It’s amazing how dramatically the landscape changes in just a short distance.

We stayed overnight at the Sea Wind Landing Country Inn at the edge of Charlos Cove, a small fishing village.

The Sea Wind has a little warf and a private beach. We didn’t spend much time outdoors – it was chilly and the rain clouds gathering quickly. And, after a week of heating bath water on the stove, I was more impressed by the shower and jacuzzi tub in our room.

After a bath, a shower, a very tasty dinner and a great night’s sleep we woke up to a glorious day:

I could have sat in one of those chairs all afternoon, but I am a very serious adventurer and I wanted to go to the Grassy Island National Historic Site. I love Canada’s interpretive centres.

At the park we watched a 15 minute video about the Island (the province’s fishing and trading center in the 18th century), looked at some displays of archeological objects and dioramas of 18th century life on a merchant outpost, and then took a 5 minute boat ride to the island.

All this for $2.50 Canadian. And we were the only tourists.

There’s very little above ground evidence of the settlement on the island – some building footprints and stone foundations, a well, and a raised perimeter of a fort. It’s a beautiful spot with abundant raspberries and a great view of Canso.

Next up: The Pink House and well drilling!

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