Nova Scotia Pictures, Vol. 2

Here she is, the Pink House. Elias’s parents bought a little house on a little peninsula in a little fishing village of Gabarus (pronounced by locals as Gaaaahbarus, followed by low chuckling), population 226. No, that’s not an oil rig between the house and the (pink!) boathouse. It’s a well drilling rig.

Here’s what I learned about well drilling: It’s loud.

The drillers used all six drill extensions to get to good water.

Elias and I went for a walk around the property while the drillers pulverized the bedrock.

We noticed lots of giant crab shells and dead jellyfish.

Someone bought the lighthouse property, but no one knows if the new owners will build a house there or just continue to use it as an RV park. 

Among the few landmarks is the backside of the local post office (off to the left of the dock — note the miniature lighthouse). When Jim gets the boathouse boat in the water he can paddle across the tidal river to mail a letter.

The coolest structure on the property is this old, overgrown bunker. It made me wish I were eight years old again. It’s the perfect place for secret kid activities. I suppose it could have practical uses too, like for storing root vegetables, or protection from air strikes.

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