Filmmaker in Residence

I was sitting in the empty screening classroom at the Harvard Film Archive with my nose buried in a book when a couple of guys walked in and started messing with the projector and trying to check the visuals of a videotape. One of them sat down a few feet away from me. I ignored them and kept my nose buried in my book (White Teeth, by the way, which I am finding exhausting and tiresome and show-offy after first feeling impressed at its energy and imagination). After awhile I looked up and thought one of the men looked familiar. He was incredibly tall, hulking almost. And the film they had on the screen had a familiar feel to it. And it dawned on me:

Oh. That’s Hal Hartley.

I had known that he was teaching at Harvard but had yet to see him around the Archive. So this is my first Hal Hartley run-in. And I saw a few minutes of his new film.