Senior Researcher

Dustin A. Lewis

Dustin Lewis

Dustin A. Lewis is a Senior Researcher at Harvard Law School, where he contributes to the Counterterrorism and Humanitarian Engagement Project. In addition to helping facilitate the CHE Project’s Senior Law and Policy Working Group and related engagement initiatives, Mr. Lewis researches, drafts, and edits policy papers, background briefings, presentations, and other materials. He is the principal researcher for the Research Project on Current Trends in Counterterrorism Clauses in Humanitarian Grant Frameworks. As part of that project, he researches and presents to INGOs, UN entities, and governments on the intersection between the legal framework governing terrorism and international humanitarian law; on humanitarian grant templates and contract clauses; and on humanitarian organizations’ anti-diversion, risk-mitigation, and due diligence policies and practices.

In his broader research and policy work, Mr. Lewis focuses on legal and policy frameworks concerning armed conflict, (counter)terrorism, protection of civilians, and technology. He examines the theoretical underpinnings and the application of international norms relating to such areas as counterterrorism regulations and humanitarian action; the resort to force and use of force; human rights and armed conflict; cyber and information operations; medical care in armed conflict; and humanitarian access and assistance. He co-authored “Humanitarian engagement under counter-terrorism: a conflict of norms and the emerging policy landscape,” which was published in the International Review of the Red Cross, and a chapter on “Jurisdictional Arrangements and International Criminal Procedure,” which was published in International Criminal Procedure: Principles and Rules (eds Sluiter et al.). An adapted version of his LL.M. thesis on sexual violence against men in conflict was published in the Wisconsin International Law Journal.

Mr. Lewis’s previous positions have included serving as a Project Manager and Technical Lead at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University and the Harvard Law School Library; a Program Associate at the Harvard Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research (HPCR); a Visiting Professional in Chambers at the International Criminal Court (ICC); and a Research Assistant to criminal-defense and civil-liberties lawyer and author Harvey A. Silverglate. Mr. Lewis is an honors graduate of Harvard College (A.B. in History) and Utrecht University School of Law (LL.M. in International Law of Human Rights and Criminal Justice).

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