Plot Outline for “Robbery”


This story is told in the third person and is several people from different places and a robbery.

  • Michael and Tom pull up to a motel in the mountains of New Hampshire.  They are going skiing for the weekend.


  • They go into the motel’s office to check in.  The man running the office is Pakistani and they can see past the hotel desk to the family room of his house.  On the wall are pictures of his daughter, Roxanna.  She is in elementary school.


  • The history of this man is given.  His name is Faisal.  He came to America six years ago and his family followed four years later.  He manages this hotel, a job he got through a cousin.  The encounter is retold from Faisal’s perspective


  • Michael engages Faisal in conversation by asking about his daughters, how old they are.


  • Michael and Faisal have a pleasant conversation.  Faisal gives Michael and Tom their keys and recommends a couple places to eat in the small town some miles down the road.


  • Michael and Tom are tired from the drive and it is late.  They decide to go to bed so they can get up early the next day.


  • Faisal and his family sit down to dinner.  He asks his daughter how her day at school went and teaches her about Muslim piety.


  • Michael and Tom are woken up in the night by yelling.  They clearly hear the voice of Faisal and of a few other people, and they realize he is being robbed.  Faisal is resistant.  The robbers are demanding more money than he says he can give them.  They start to beat him and shout racial and ethnic slurs at him.  The boys can hear Roxanna crying.


  • Michael and Tom want to help Faisal but are too afraid and stay hidden.


  • Michael and Tom cower until the robbers are gone, and can still hear Roxanna crying.

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