Do You Have a Right? iCivics asks kids to master the Bill of Rights.

This is the first in a regular series of blog posts highlighting some of the featured learning games and free lesson plans on the iCivics website.

One of the most popular games on iCivics asks a basic question: Do I Have a Right? Do you think you sell your little brother? Can you vote if you have blue hair?*

iCivics Lesson Plan: The Bill of Rights

iCivics Lesson Plan: The Bill of Rights

On the latest national civics examination, fewer than half of American eighth graders knew the purpose of the Bill of Rights. One likely reason: social studies programs were left to fend for themselves when schools shifted focus and funding towards math and reading. That’s why iCivics provides free, high-quality resources: to help teachers close the gap.

Do I Have a Right? makes you think on your feet as you step into the shoes of a lawyer who is organizing a firm of experts who specialize in constitutional law issues. You’ll decide whether your clients have a right, and if they do, connect them with the right lawyer. The more cases you win, the faster your law firm grows. Spend 350 points for a First Amendment expert, or 100 points for a couch so future clients will wait for you in style. Best of all, you learn about your rights without even realizing it.

Students jump into the game ignoring the directions and assuming the rules as they go along. It’s self–explanatory. But teachers get more: free lesson plans!

iCivics offers free lesson plans about the Bill of Rights that help set up the Do I Have a Right game for classroom use. The subject material corresponds with the state standards you have to cover, but more importantly, all the work is done for you. What are most useful are the step-by-step directions, which leave nothing to chance and make sure all the state standards are addressed.

Students will learn about the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and other important constitutional amendments. Like all our lesson plans, there are no tedious readings — students jump right in and start learning, actively, right away.

Click here to jump right to the free lesson plan, Bill of Rights: You Mean I’ve Got Rights? Be sure to click on the “Related Standards” link to see how it matches with your state’s curriculum requirements.

* No. Yes.

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