Translational Poem of 2012

I had found an old loose translation of what I believe focuses in conjunction to other ancient texts on the upcoming 2012. It seemed compelling so I felt the need to share.
In the end destiny cries,
All that is truth and all that is lies.
Within boundaries of type setting words,
Piercing, and tearing like sharpened swords.
Fear is bound within our minds,
Of things we know in sorts and kinds.
We release the truth to all;
Letting it roll and letting them fall.
It has begun-the race through time,
Of all that is yours and all that is mine.
Shifting, shaping, the future holds,
What lonely men wait for in the cold.
Timeline ticking, we race to the end,
The old, the new, that time doth bend.
Some will live yet most die,
Some will smile some will cry.
The field that adheres our feet to the ground,
Shifts and swirls round and round.
Moving, shaping, until it stops,
Reversed and changed, what’s old is lost.

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