Ieshaah Murphy (JD ’12) and Nicholas Heimbach (JD ’12) in court

Today we introduce “Clinical Voices”, an opportunity for clinical professors, instructors, supervisors, and administrators to share their perspective on the HLS clinical experience and to highlight the work of students who may be too bashful to bring attention to themselves. Our first update comes from Robert Proctor, a clinical instructor with Criminal Justice Institute (CJI).

It is my pleasure to announce that Ieshaah Murphy (JD ’12) along with her colleague, Nicholas Heimbach (JD ’12), successfully defended a young man who was charged with Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon and faced a potential penalty of up to five years in prison after he was brutally attacked by two security guards. During a three-day jury trial at the Dorchester Division Court, Ms. Murphy and Mr. Heimbach overcame seemingly insurmountable odds and obtained an acquittal on all charges!

Mr. Heimbach and Ms. Murphy’s intense cross examination of the government’s witnesses were major turning points in the case, and Ms. Murphy’s closing argument was described by another law student as “a thing of beauty.” This rare feat is just another of her many accomplishments and honors while attending Harvard Law School, which includes two moot championships. I am very proud of these students!